Interview time!!!

so i got an interview at the Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery and it's so fucking cool!! and...

working on something for school, i think it's the dumbest thing i did up until now- for school, really i'll give you a snap shot

you ask what is that? good question i don't really have an answer but i Can tell you what it's suppose to be Ahem:

STAINS! black STAINS! on AT-LEAST-100-PAGES-AT-LEAST stupid fucking stains, like WTF woman?! (my teacher in Drawing class) are you That of an Air head? it's so fucking easy that i feel like i'm going backwards and not forwards like WTF?! black stains?! did you see HER work???!! NOO but I did and it's BUHA!

well that's it for now (:

go read my interview at the Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery!!!!!! if you like

now go get a life.

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