World of Darkness! OMG!

so! OMG! it's not a sequel for VTM: Bloodlines but it's something!

look at the link, there's some info there and a very very cool trailer that i'm linking right now

it says it's a World Of Darkness "ONLINE" but i never play online games because of three reasons first, i suck at games- really really suck, second because i suck i play in God Mode so i just can't die because i die constantly and the rest is "Fair" and third because it costs fucking money and time that i don't have!! i prefer to play the game when I can enjoy it and not have boundaries on the web. oh! another one!! i love to re-texture stuff! and i can't do it online!

i hope!! there will be a PC version! if not i'll be so sad! but it's so awesome first the Alice sequel and now this!? OMG! these few next years will so fucking rock.

oh! and the article starts to say something like "with true blood and other vampires being popular..." like HELOO!!! Vampires are timeless and beautiful HELOO!! so of course these shows will be popular and cool! it's not MY problem that people in the industry only now understood the importance of cool vampires! HELLOOO!!!! good morning idiots! now make me a World of Darkness, PC game and bring Jeanette back from the dead!... not That kind of dead but i miss those characters! Jeanette, Ming Xiao, Gary! 'cmon! make me a happy little morsel.

Oh! last and definitely not least. please make Idina Menzel stop smiling, it's so fucking creepy.