Alice Teaser 2

OMG! OMG!! THOSE TENTACLES!!! AAGGHHH!!!! ***bouncing like an idiot***

I LOVE HER! SHE'S SO ALICE!! isn't this beautiful? her HUGE green eyes!?!!

the only thing that bothers me is that her forehead is SO SMALL! why is is SO SMALL?

so the white rabbit is there, three times (in the flames, on a building in the street and at the tiny table) March Hare and the Hatter , Alice's parents, the queen and the blood fountain.

as well you can see here new info about the game you can see a snap of Cheshire and M.Hatter and they look SO BAD! the cat doesn't show teeth! like WTF!? couldn't you pick a different state that he grins? i hope they won't fuck that up! and the hatter isn't creepy, he is cross-eyed like WTF? the whole point of the hatter was that he looked straight at you with piecing almost White contrastic eyes! he was SO creepy! now he just looks dumb.

well anyway! look at their site and Twitter for new info and there are screen shots there and WHAT NOT!

and HERE's the trailer, go to EA's you-tube, the look at their background, you can see a new paint of Alice! so COOL!! now go watch!

now close your mouth, you are drooling on my Blog.